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killahsin 08-04-05 03:43 AM

Is somthing truly new needed?
I had posted this on another forum a while ago that was for mmos. But noone responded so i never continued it. I figure this place is a good place for a discussion on the subject of truely new play mechanics for future mmos. So here is my repaste as follows:

I was reading this recent onlife http://www.gamespy.com/articles/612/612095p2.html and started to think about the concept of somthing truly new. So I've started to put together my own little focal points to creating a truly next gen mmo. These are just the first 2 focal points and both of them arent completed, but i figured i would give you guys a peek at the ideas. If people actually respond I'll keep formulating my ideas. Hopefully we can get a good well rounded discussion going.

The next big thing.
Somthing new.

My look into concept designs for future mmos, to break the mass market mold on consoles and beyond.

I'm going to isolate mmo gameplay into sections and address them one by one.

1. Level Grind(Character development).
In todays and even seemingly the next generation of mmos, you still have the 1-100 style of levels. These types of grinds create a hamster_wheel feeling. To truly break the mass market audiance you have to not only alleviate this problem but get rid of it all together. I believe that the best way to do this is to remove the word level all together. Or rather the fact you have to work torwards a level. When a person first logs into the game, his character should be 'born'. Now the character will age over time, not experiance gained. But experiance lived. Whether he hunts or not he will be a set archtype. Developing your characters' extra unique skills themselves should be cycled through questing / training and the use of skills. But at the same time a player who wishes to remove himself from this set pattern should be able to play normally solo or within groups, i will get into this later in the grouping and solo sections. A well trained character should at any level be able to conquer vast amounts of enemies at the same time. While a normal character untrained but just having lived experiance may need to fight only 1 or 2 at a time. No more need for actual experiance given for killing mobs, but rather experiance gained just for playing. Rather than having a level based system you have an age and knowledge base system.

2. PvP(The good the bad the ugly)
Now we all know theres 2 sides when discussing pvp, those whom love it and those whom hate it with a passion. Yet every truly successful mmo now needs to have it in some form. Thus I believe that both systems need to be intertwined to the point where they benefit eachother while having no negative impacts on either. People whom wish to not be among the conflict should be able to do so, but this choice must stay with the charcter throughout its life. Thus pvp as a whole needs a whole other look. We must find a way to make the conflict exist but at the same time work in conjunction with those who wish not to pvp/pk be pked. A person will pick their family/association in the beggining of the character creation process. That choice effects what reasons they are pvping for or not pvping for. The market of consumable goods has to be effected by this choice based on which way the conflicts sway. Rather than just defending a piece of territory to just be defending it to get some mysterious points you can buy things with. You design it so your defending or invading a land to protect, change, or control resources you never really get or control, but are dynamically changed based on the way the battles sway. Certain weapons are made in certain areas of the world, thus the value increases and decreases based on whom controls this land. At the same time those non pvp'ers will effect these market changes as well in their pvm side of the game. I will explain these further in the player economy and pvm sections later on. The purpose of adding depth to pvp outside of the conventional battle of castles or territory is to give real purpose and accomplishments to those who play in both styles of the game. Allowing players guilds and questers to physically change the structure of the world. Rares to rare? Conquer that section of the world and the market shows it.....

To be continued

Marcos 08-05-05 02:07 PM

Re: Is somthing truly new needed?
Matrix online tried to break the mold with their world events. But who plays that ?

I heard the lord of teh rings mmo is supposed to have some crazy new ideas. I dont remember them right now but ill go google.

I think WoW has the best PVP system, what other MMO do you have to be on your toes in case you run into THE ENEMY? Well Planetside maybe, but see my comment on Matrix online for that one.

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