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Frank Zappa 08-05-05 04:38 PM

RHEL AS v4 - SATA disk driver.
Hi all. I just built a server / workstation. I've got all the parts in the case, and it's running perfectly, but nothing is installed on it.

It's running a Tyan S2891 Thunder K8SRE motherboard, with 12 GB of RAM. It's got dual AMD Opteron (Italy) 270s.

Problem is this: I ordered RHEL 4 AS and we want to use this as the OS. When I try to install it, it won't pick up the drivers for the SATA controller.

Judging by the book and the driver CD, the SATA controller is the Silicon Image 3114 controller. When I boot off the CD, it asks me for a driver disc. I tried to use the driver disc that came with the Mobo, but looking at the drivers on the CD, I only see the drivers for Red Hat Valhalla, and 9.2. Upon looking at SI's website, I found some beta drivers that appeared to be compatible with the 2.4 core, not the new 2.6 kernel.

Unfortunately, on the website they didn't have the source code for the drivers either, so I can't build my own.

So, I callled Red Hat and the lady there sent me a reply. She told me:


I spoke with technical support who concluded that you were using an NVIDIA SATA controller (please correct me if that is incorrect). They say that we do not have drivers for that, but that nvidia provides linux drivers for the controller. Also, that board does have a normal IDE controller, so you could install the operating system on an IDE drive, and then install the nvidia drivers later, but nvidia should give you a way to creaete a driver disk so you can install it onto the SATA disk.
After looking through the drivers on the CD, I noticed that they were right. This is a NVIDIA SATA driver that I need.

Is there some way that nvidia can help me make a driver disk for RHEL AS v4? I can't install without it...

Thanks a lot!

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