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JakeOne 12-22-02 02:05 PM

Help: Cant start X under RH8 New kernel

I recently got the new kernel for redhat8, and right now I can only boot the first kernel that I am running now. I already compiled the Nvidia rpms on the new kernel but it doesnt seem to work. Even with the current XF86config file I am using now. I am somewhat of a n00b, so anyhelp would be appreciated.


DaMaxx 12-22-02 08:46 PM

If you can get to terminal while running the new kernel. do a:

rpmbuild --rebuild NVIDIA_kernel...
rpmbuild --rebuild NVIDIA_GLX...

and of course

rpm -Uvh /usr/src/NVIDIA_kernel...
rpm -Uvh /usr/src/NVIDIA_GLX...

You may need to add a --force to the rpm command to force the new drivers in.

Or did you do like i did and have it load GDM(Graphical Login) at start. and all it does is try and try to restart X. I ended up needing to log in remotely with ssh to fix it.

I dont know why but if you rebuild your nvidia drivers for the previous kernel. It doesnt work when you update to a newer kernel without rebuilding the nvidia drivers again.

JakeOne 12-23-02 12:52 AM

Gah that didn't seem to work :(. Here is what happened...

when running the kernel rpm:

I got some couldn't install nvidia.o message

then when running the GLX rpm:

conflicting with a MESA rpm
or stale package and has been renamed to avoid conflicting with this package.

I think this is because when I first installed the drivers on the old kernel there was no RH8 rpms. So I had to install the source files. Now I am using the regular rpms. So how would I go about getting the regular rpms that were ment for RH8 to work with the new kernel. Or would I have to rebuild the sources?


Wolfman [TWP] 12-23-02 04:31 AM

You have to rebuild them like DaMAxx mentioned above..

Although I would also add that I do the following before I install the rebuilt drivers.

rpm -e NVIDIA_kernel

Then reinstall the new drivers..

DaMaxx 12-23-02 12:17 PM

One should always rebuild the source whenever possible. It seems to be a rule of thumb in the linux world. Getting the premade rpm's is for lazy people. I believe that rebuilding rpms for your particular system is more stable and reliable.

Anyways I wouldnt worry to much about the libGL error. I think i even got that one. also you should try and use the drivers before version 4191. I have noticed extremely slow 2D performance in X, using 4191.

JakeOne 12-23-02 02:48 PM

SOB... I have rebuilt the source files several times, and no matter what they fail to install. Heres what happened:

/lib/modules/2.4.18-18.8.0/modules.dep is not an ELF file

nvidia.o failed to install

then i do startx and i get:

(0) Nvidia failed to load nvidia module or something.

I can rebuild them easily on the old kernel, but the new kernel is beeing a bitch. Someone help!


PS why is EVERYTHING on linux a pain in the ass to install :(

mikep 12-23-02 04:32 PM

New Kernel
Well first let me say that you should not have updated the new kernel. If you looked at what the update was for, it was very unlikely that you needed it.

The easiest thing to do at this point is simply have grub boot from your old kernel. The problem is that you now have kernel *.19 and the rpm's were made for kernel *.18

so go to /root/grub/grub.conf

the default is probably 0 [default=0], for the first entry in it change that to a 1 and reboot.

You will always loose any kernel mods that you make. NVIDIA, ntfs support etc when updating the kernel. That is why it is not selected as a default in up2date.

So now wait until you see the rpm's for *.19 and them you can uninstall NVIDIA_* and reinstall in under the new kernel.

There are other ways to do this... But from what I'h hearing this is probably the best solution for you.


JakeOne 12-23-02 05:02 PM

No.. I am currently on the first REDHAT kernel. And I was trying to update to 18, and it isn't working. So what should I do? Never update :(.

this sucks,

mikep 12-23-02 05:19 PM

Well if you just want to boot into x, most likely all you need to do is change the driver in your XF86Config to "nv" instead of "nvidia".

Then unistall the old NVIDIA_* pakages.

Go to the nvidia site and get the .18 pakages. Reinstall those.

The you can change back the driver to "nvidia"

That should do it.

As for upgrading the kernel... of course upgrade when you need to. But just be prepared for what your are doing. If you've modified the kernel, dont expect those modules to remain in there afer upgrading.

Yes it is a pain in some ways, but I have had many pains in windows also.

And I wont even get to what it was like before packages were here. Imagine downloading the sources, compiling object files, linking to kernel config, recompiling kernel, installing new kernel etc. That's what it was like not so long ago.

Personally I find up2date and packages amazing. I just installed Linux for the fist time in about 3-4 years. I use to have a few linux boxes and alot of Suns and SGIs. I was extremely surprised on how easy it has become.


Wolfman [TWP] 12-24-02 06:21 AM


Originally posted by JakeOne
No.. I am currently on the first REDHAT kernel. And I was trying to update to 18, and it isn't working. So what should I do? Never update :(.

this sucks,

If your using the original RH kernel, then I do recommend you update it, as it fixes some security issues. If your getting them by downloading them from the RH site manually, then follow the exact proceedure for installing them. (read the info on that site)

Using their Up2date utility is a much better way to do that. (I have and there have been no problems so far. And I've been using that utility for 2 or more years now..)

Also make sure that you also install the kernel source for that version and the Lib*. and development files that are required by most programs that need to be recompiled.

(I did that from the original clean install, so when I use up2date, it will automatically download those updates as well... Etc)

Based on what I mentioned above, I have had no problems in recompiling these drivers or any other programs. (Unless it asks for dependancies)

DaMaxx 12-24-02 12:05 PM

I agree with Wolfman. If you are still trying to update your kernel, the best way to do it is with up2date. I have been using up2date since redhat 7.1 and have never had a problem doing an update to a kernel or any other package.

mikep 12-24-02 12:20 PM

Yes, but that's what he did do and he had problems. If you only install packages that RH supports you will not have a problem. But as soon as you do install pakages that they do not support, or make mods etc, you will have a problem. I also say stick to up2date, however keep around the packages that are not RH supported because you will have to reinstall them if an update ever crushes that package.

In this case I'm imaging that he installed the NVIDIA drivers packages eraly on. When he updated his kernel, he removed the links to the objects which the NVIDIA packages created. So know he needs to re-create those links in the kernel by reinstalling the NVIDIA packages for the appropriate kernel version.

I would simply do a rmp -e for NVDIA_kernel and NVDIA_GLX

There were bugs with the update of GLX. So you must uninstall and not update.

Then reinstall the new .18 packages.

Got it?


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