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linuxnewb 12-23-02 12:17 AM

Can someone please give me a step by step instructions on how to use NVchooser.sh in redhat 8.0. I am a Linux Newb so don't get to technical in ur explaining. Thank You

Wolfman [TWP] 12-23-02 04:27 AM

Just follow this thread below for RH8.0, as it works as it should for most people.


Andy Mecham 12-23-02 01:11 PM

NVchooser.sh is a bash shell script. There are two ways to execute it.

1) Open up an xterm (terminal window), change to the directory where you downloaded it (probably your home directory), and type 'sh NVchooser.sh'.

2) Open up an xterm, change to the directory where you downloaded it, type 'chmod +x NVchooser.sh' to make it executable, and type './NVchooser.sh'.

I recommend solution#1 until you're more familiar with Linux.


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