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PCarr78 07-28-02 10:47 AM

AMD Hammer Stuff.
Here's what's known so far:

1) the parts have stupid names.

2) Will run 32-bit apps as well if not better than current AthlonXPs.

3) Supports 64-bit apps.

4) Coming out in 2003.

Here's what I'd like to know.

- Will it support SSE/SSE2/MMX

- What about 3DNOW/3DN2

- Will it cost as much or more than the overpriced P4s, or similar to AthlonXPs?

- WHY! WHY COULDN'T THEY NAME IT Megatron?!! Opteron? WTF is that! ARG!

sebazve 07-28-02 02:26 PM

One thing i am sure is that it will be a lot more expensive that any XP o P4, especially the first chips that will be only for servers solutions. I am not sure when desktop hammer will be available.

Although i think they will be cheaper that Intel 64bits solutions (Itanium 1 and 2) just like Athlons XP with P4.

I am still not sure if 32bits programs will run better with the Hammer (since it will be clocked lower than Athlons).

We will se the true power of this baby when we finally use 64 bits 0S, he and Games.

Have anyone use or see Windows XP 64? How well runs?

vampireuk 07-28-02 02:30 PM

hammah hammah!! sorry got a bit carried away there :)

sebazve 07-28-02 02:54 PM


hammah hammah!! sorry got a bit carried away there
:D :D

StealthHawk 07-28-02 09:11 PM

last i heard, the Hammer supports SSE2, and it probably supports SSE and MMX as well. who cares about 3dnow? that is pretty dead...either that, or it is coded behind the scenes and no mention is made of it, much like MMX. somehow, i doubt 3dnow is used very much though.

Megatron is probably trademarked by Hasbro :D

Nutty 07-29-02 08:00 AM

What do you mean no-one uses 3dnow?! All nvidia drivers use it! And AFAIK it craps over SSE immensly.

PCarr78 07-29-02 08:10 AM


SSE has always been much better.

The problem is that none of these instructions were ever used to any great benefit.
'cept for video encoding

volt 07-29-02 10:59 AM

Why would AMD drop 3dnow and SSE ?

Cotita 07-29-02 10:59 AM

Hammer is expected to debut at least @2ghz.

Supposedly its 10~20% faster than the athlon with 32 apps at the same clock speed, using 64bit apps will give up to 60~150+% performance increase (depending on application of course)

It will support MMX, SSE, SSE2 3dnow, and 3dnow2 (actually 3dnow2 is what AMD calls its SSE implementation)

we won't be seeing 64bit games until the HAMMER becomes mainstream and it probably won't happen for at least a couple of years.

Optimus Prime+Megatron= Opteron?

PCarr78 07-29-02 11:08 AM


Optimus Prime+Megatron= Opteron?
OMG never thought of that LOL

SavagePaladin 07-29-02 07:15 PM

Hammers will do SSE2 and another enhanced 3dnow! set

The desktop chip is coming first

I couldn't say if the processor will be costly, it looks like since the processor and motherboards won't be normal, the cost structure won't either. As for right when it launches, probably costly...I don't know.

32 bit apps run much better, I'm told. They've said things about it, but those numbers change often enough I ignore them until release. (usually in the 20-25% range above Athlon XPs)

PCarr78 07-29-02 07:22 PM

According to the hammer presentation PDF, 64 bit performance wont be so great, compared to 32bit.

oh yeah, and whats this about 32 stage pipeline?

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