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renne 08-12-05 11:14 AM

NForce 2200 + 2050 with Linux?

I'm going to use a Foxconn NFPIK8AA-EKRS mainboard for a file server.

Both 1000Base-T ports and all eight SATA-II ports are attached to the NF2200/2050.

Is there reliable linux driver support for NF2200/2050 in the 2.6 kernel (important is network, SATA, Cool&Quiet and hardware monitoring (fans, temperature)?

Thanx for any hint


ramius345 08-17-05 07:28 PM

Re: NForce 2200 + 2050 with Linux?
I havent found any. My linux system is pretty inoperable right now until they update the nforce drivers. if I revert to 2.6.11, the nforce drivers kind of work for ethernet but if I upgrade to 2.6.12 to add PCIe support so I can use the nvidia driver, which is flat out broken for my card right now ( Geforce 6200 ), then the nforce drivers are completely broken.

renne 08-21-05 07:49 PM

Re: NForce 2200 + 2050 with Linux?
Sadly, there's no reliable x86 hardware on the market.

Either it's to fat and hot (P4) or bus bandwith is to weak (VIA).

I had hoped to use a AMD with Cool&Quiet, but once again, there is no reliable chipset available.

The NV4 Professional seemed to be a solution, but obviously Nvidia will never have a chance at business market if they are not even capable to provide linux drivers or specs for writing open source drivers. :thumbdwn:

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