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Clay 08-17-05 08:08 PM

Am I the only one that thinks these results look a bit off?


OWA 08-17-05 09:24 PM

Re: GDHardware
What part? A specific benchmark or card or all of the results?

Clay 08-17-05 09:41 PM

Re: GDHardware
The benchmark results just seem high to me.

OWA 08-17-05 10:10 PM

Re: GDHardware
Actually, after looking at them closer, they seem way off on some of the benchmarks or else something is really wrong with my system.

Clay 08-17-05 10:16 PM

Re: GDHardware
Yeah, some of the reported framerates just seem wildly high. It's odd too because nowhere in the review does the author make any direct reference to them in terms of FPS.

anzak 08-17-05 10:16 PM

Re: GDHardware
The 7800GT seems too fast. In every other review I've read, its only a little faster than the 6800 Ultra in the FEAR beta. All of the framerates seem too high.

Clay 08-17-05 10:18 PM

Re: GDHardware
I'm looking more at the 7800GTX results; they seem much higher than most equivalent system's results in other reviews.

SH64 08-18-05 01:21 AM

Re: GDHardware
Yep some numbers dont look correct at all..
take Doom3 for example : how come he get 92fps @1600x1200,4xAA,8xAF assuming he was using the in-game timedemo! a 7800GTX SLI can barly get that score if it was running on Quality settings.

also 54 avarage fps @1600x1200,4x,8x in FEAR!! give me a break .. will maybe if he was not running at max setttings or the soft shadows were actually disabled.

SC:CT numbers also dont look right , with & without AA/AF number seems to be the same & more like CPU limited. thats maybe true on a GTX SLI but not a single GTX . again its only possible if he was running at quality settings or having some of the in-game options disabled.

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