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xaphod 08-09-02 10:24 AM

nvnet drivers in kernel, not module?
I need to build the nvnet (for network card)
into the kernel and not as module.
I need to be able to nfs-mount root
partition and I can't 'cause the modules
would be in the root-partition, which isn't
mounted yet :)

so, anyone done similar before or know
how to do it?

Thunderbird 08-10-02 09:26 AM

It is not possible with the stuff nvidia provided to compile the nvnet driver into the kernel.
Why not add a very small partition something like: /boot which contains the needed stuff to boot?

Or another way would be to use "chroot" to switch to another "/" dir.

sanat 08-10-02 12:03 PM

One way to do this is use PXELinux to load your kernel and an initrd filesystem containing your modules and everything else you might need to boot. The Linux Terminal Server Project also has a method where they create links from the read-only mounted NFS filesystem to a ram disk for the temp files that the kernel needs to create when it loads modules.

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