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Interscope 12-23-02 11:20 PM

I type startx, my screen flickers blue and turns black
I'm running Slackware 8.1 and i'm using XFree 4.2.0. I installed the drivers and it doesn't give me any errors. The logs look fine, no (EE) or (WW). I tried turning off GLX but it doesn't work. I tried both AGPgart and NVidia's AGP and it doesnt work.

Here's most of the hardware that is relevant:
MoBo: i440BX, which is supported by NVidia's AGP. It has a max of 2x AGP(or at least the bios has this, maybe i should update) and I configured this in /etc/modules.conf
Grafix Card: XFXGraphics GeForce 2 MX 400 SDR 4X AGP
Proc: P2 350(i'm upgrading soon, maybe a new proc or a whole new MoBo, my MoBo supports P3's now so I guess I should give it a shot)

I compiled the driver and kernel without any errors(that shouldn't be there, only some stuff about tainting the kernel)

Could anyone help me? Give me some suggestions?

If you have a question just wait for me to reply i'll be avaliable for the next 14 hours or so.

feeyo 12-24-02 06:30 AM

Did you try editing the XF86Config file?
Or did you run sax2?

Interscope 12-24-02 09:26 AM

I used the XF86Config application to get the normal "nv" driver working. Then I compiled the kernel and GLX and then I edited the /etc/X11/XF86Config file.

saqer 12-24-02 03:19 PM

Possible error ( one or all of them)

are you using the rpm or source packages?

feeyo 12-24-02 04:27 PM

I guesse if you installed the new drivers without any errors and you have uninstalled the dummy drivers there has to be something with Frequencies settings? maybe the setting you have on X gives your monitor an error?

"Wrong sync ranges may damage your monitor. Consult the monitor manual for the following settings."

But please give us some more information about what drivers you have installed,what configuration you have in XF86Config, and if you are using Source.RPMS? Tar? or RPM.?


Interscope 12-24-02 04:41 PM


Everything works with the normal drivers. Monitor is fine(I tried both the configuration for the monitor XFree gives me and the manual of my monitor). I use normal configuration of XFree(dri turned off, etc, etc) and I have NVagp setting and logo on start up turned off.

But I think I found the problem. My dad turned off the function "make video ram cachable" in the bios. I am also trying to change some bios options because I also have problems in windows(locks up on start-up) but I checked my manufacterers site(http://www.xfxgraphics.com) and it tells me that windows' AGP gart drivers are the cause and I don't have drivers that came with my mobo.

feeyo 12-25-02 05:04 AM

Hi ah ok that could be the problem yes :)

Well try this. a good person who helped me out rnf wrote:

Now, for the instability, do you mean that the X interface freezes periodically? A co-worker had this problem on a PC with a VIA chipset and a GeForce2. He had to tweak some BIOS settings:

* AGP Driving Value: you might try DA here but be careful not to go too high (I've read that anything under E2 is safe but some chipset require EA), it might damage your hardware
* disable AGP Fast Writes
* force AGP 2x
* disable PCI Delay Transaction

And that made my Xserver much much more stable.


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