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nukem 08-20-05 03:55 PM

Open Source Demos
After getting my 7800 GT into my computer and setting everything up I went to the nvidia site to download some demos. I was dissappointed to see that not only were there no Linux Demos but none of the were open source. After downloading one and look at the files it seems like they use OpenGL and GLUT, which would be easily ported to Linux. I am wondering why dosnt nvidia open source these demos?

LaNcom 08-20-05 11:19 PM

Re: Open Source Demos
I second that - it would be great if the tech-demos were open source, not only to try them on Linux (and compare Linux to Windows performance - but I doubt Nvidia wants that?), but also because the sourcecode could be very interesting for game and application developers. But I think Nvidia uses quite a few hacks and tricks in their tech-demos to make them look good, and don't want people to know how they work because of that...

nukem 08-21-05 02:42 AM

Re: Open Source Demos
I see nothing wrong in NVIDIA puttinga few hacks in to show off their own graphics cards. Personally I dont think NVIDIA would care about performance in Linux vs BSD vs Solaris vs Mac vs Windows, all they want is for you to buy their cards.

nukem 08-22-05 04:15 PM

Re: Open Source Demos

cjcox 08-24-05 03:58 PM

Re: Open Source Demos
My guess... for the same exact reason that they'll never open source their video driver. And it's not the reason that most people think.

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