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stever 08-25-05 01:12 AM

lockup on firewire eject
I have a problem with the firewire ports on my nForce4 Ultra-based Linux box. When I plug my iPod into it, everything works great: it automounts, software can see it, etc. The problem comes when I try to eject it: /usr/bin/eject /dev/sdc locks up the machine every time. (By locked up I mean: the display continues showing what it was showing before the command, and doesn't change; the mouse doesn't move; the machine isn't pingable; and nothing gets me out of it except a power cycle.) I figured I'd ask for help here since I'm guessing it's related to the nForce4's firewire implementation.

My configuration has an ABIT AN8-Ultra motherboard, which has the nForce4 Ultra chipset. I'm running the Ubuntu distro, based off of the 2.6.10 kernel, built for x86_64. If there's an nForce4-specific firewire driver, I'm not aware of it; I'm using the stock driver that comes with the 2.6.10 kernel.

Any ideas? All help is appreciated....

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