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lunixgeek 08-25-05 01:17 PM

pink stripe down center of screen
I am running SUSE 9.3 with a Nvidia 5200 chipset on an ASUS card.
I just did a SUSE update which upgraded KDE to 3.4.0 Level "b".
After completing that I now have a pink stripe down the center of the
entire screen that is about 3-1/2 mm wide. The stripe has snow flowing
or static flowing through it. Otherwise everything is legable even within
the stripe.

I am about to pull the nvidia card out and try a Matrox but would like to fix this if possible. Has anyone seen this?
Suggestions most appreciated for troubleshooting?
I am using the nvidia drive supplied via the SUSE YOU which allows for kernel updates without having to recompile nvidia drivers so this means that the driver is behind current relases.
FX5200 (0x0322)
version string: 1.5.3 NVIDIA 71.67

netllama 08-25-05 02:36 PM

Re: pink stripe down center of screen
Can you capture this pink stripe in a screenshot? Does it persist if you upgrade to 1.0-7676?

Also, please generate and post a bug report.


lunixgeek 08-26-05 10:04 AM

Re: pink stripe down center of screen
Pink stripe (changes color depending on background) is not captured via ksnapshot.
I have never installed any video drivers other than using YOU prior are there any hints beyond the readme you might be willing to share? After trying out the new driver I'll post as bug report as you suggest? Also, my card is an ASUS V9520-X/TD/128
I find that although it is supporting and running well all 3D applications glxgears doesn't report back the expected performance.
996 frames in 5.0 seconds = 199.200 FPS
What has your experience been.
I much appreciate the feedback, many thanks.


netllama 08-26-05 10:18 AM

Re: pink stripe down center of screen
Does the colored line go away if you switch to the 'nv' X driver? Quite honestly, this sounds like a hardware problem.


lunixgeek 08-28-05 07:58 PM

Re: pink stripe down center of screen
First of all I must thank you for your excellent feedback and your valuable help.
I killed KDE and tried native X and still had the stripe. I wasn't sure if that is what you meant as I didn't know how to use the 'nv' native X driver per your last post.
I don't see the stripe when the NVIDIA splash screen appears.
I had a mirror of 9.3 prior to the KDE upgrade I mentioned earlier that I don't remember seeing this problem on. However, it also had the pink stripe.
Also, I compiled and got installed and working 1.0-7676 per your earlier recommendation and that didn't help either.

I am now convinced that I have a card that has gone bad although it was only 2-months old. It's under warentee so I will get another one and try it soon.

Thanks again for convincing me I have hardware problems as I was loosing steam trying to figure this out.


netllama 08-28-05 08:08 PM

Re: pink stripe down center of screen
Switching to the 'nv' X driver is as simple as editing your /etc/X11/xorg and replacing 'nvidia' with 'nv'.


lunixgeek 08-30-05 12:15 PM

Re: pink stripe down center of screen
Thanks. On SuSE three files exist. In all cases it says do not edit as these files
modified by YaST or SAX. I went ahead and changed the xorg.conf file.

xorg.conf: Driver "nvidia"
xorg.conf.YaST2save: Driver "nvidia"
xorg.conf.saxsave: Driver "nvidia"

I changes the xorg.conf to "nv" and restarted the session.
It was obvious that a change took place as slight geometry changes were noticed.
The PINK stripe continued to be present.

I have sent for a new card that should be here and in my machine by the 1st. I'll let you know if that fixed the issue.

Many thanks!

lunixgeek 09-01-05 06:10 PM

Re: pink stripe down center of screen
Sigh, the new nvidia graphics card didn't fix the problem.
However, it lead me to the problem which was the LCD
monitor itself in trouble. Was I stupid not to move this over
to another system a long time ago.

Thanks again for your help.


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