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R03L 12-25-02 06:47 AM

[TNT2-> need a gf :D] on slackware
the nvidia website has a new style of finding your linux drivers and kernels.
i personaly don't like the new one. but ok. can you help me. last year or half year ago you can just pic your linux distro. but now you have to pic your CPU type??? i am a error hater. ;) :p so. is the Linux Display Driver - AMD64 the good one?? i don't realy now.
i want to upgrade my slackware system.. (am using the win system at this moment :p my mom doesn't now how to use linux so i just NEED dualboot :D:D)
i want to upgrade my slackware system.
my spec's are:
AMD Authenticated Atlon 900mhz now tweaked and perfectly working in 1.2g
327mb sdram
MSI k7t/pro2. mainboard.
and a TNT2 M64 Grapic Device.

If the standart one isn't the good device driver and if there is some other device driver or kernel for the amd athlon whit the tnt2-m64 can someone post or mail me the full download url or redirect.

feeyo 12-25-02 06:52 AM

Hi i have a 900 Athlon how did you tweaked it to a 1.2g?? please let me know i am interested :D

Me running 900AMD Athlon ASUS A7V MoBo 512MB Geforce 2MX/MX400.

R03L 12-25-02 07:07 AM

> The amd ATHLON authenticated 900 whit a MSI K7T - Pro 2 <
Or Higher mainboard has a perfectly Bios setting menu for the CPU. here you can set you Clock and so on.
The AMD Authenticated atlon CPU's don't burn up that instantly like the new xp cpu's does.
the xp and tweaking it you need.. like watercooling or something or realy high fans.
i just used a cheep 1.5g CPU cooler and 2 10inch system fans
1 system fan at the front to GET new cool air out of the room and one at the back to suck the old warm air out of the system and blow in into the room (and i have warm feets)
It isn't that hard to tweak it if you just use the right settings in you bois. but at the old bois systems. you need a pencil and it was something about scrathing of some stuff of your cpu i realy don't WANT to explain. if you have this mainboard it's just to eazy :p.

I have to warn you. if you cpu does burn out. it's your own mistake.. and keep this in mind.
if you tweak your amd this way.. you have to do it step by step.
don't set the clock settings directley at 20 or 30 % but begin one number at the time. look at the ratings of your cpu how warm it is. i can say.. 1g is SAVE for the 900 mhz cpu but scheck it one at the time to set it at 1g.
1 number up everytime and look at your clock rate at saving and rebooting..
more i can't tell ;)
only becouse i dont want to have someone elses CPU broken and this mather is offtopic to my question.
if you want to now more..
come at my own forum postet at my profile into the personal webpage i have to search the right words for it at my bios for this mather. also you can contact me privatly at my mail ;)
trough private message or mail we can speak dutch (i saw amsterdam ey ;) but i have to find the names of the settings to discuss this mather. also i can be found much at the tmf chatbox ;)

feeyo 12-25-02 07:18 AM

Ok bedankt bro :)
Ik zal et proberen of het kan met mijn moederbord :)


R03L 12-25-02 07:32 AM

ok is goed kerel. maar je weet het.. cijfer voor cijfer omhoog. dus 1%tje omhoog en kijken hoe hoog je cpu staat..
die andere manier moet je potlood krasjes maken op je cpu. is dus afrader.
-zoals ik altijd zeg.. iets kapot tijd voor een nieuwe maar denk niet dat dit voor iedereen een goed idee is-

{Right. Now back to the First post :)}
i just have downloaded every kernel and file i could find that could be usefull for slackware. so maybe one of them is the good one.
i realy hope so :)
i will find it out. if someone can help whit the realy good one for the newest slackware whit my spec's.

feeyo 12-25-02 08:28 AM

-- CPU --
Tis me gelukt. :) staat nu op 1008mhz op 51 graden. hoger zetten heeft geen nut want dan loopt ie steeds vast.

-- 4191 Drivers --
Did you try rebuilding the source rpm's?
(NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-4191.src.rpm) and GLX

Dont forget to install your kernel sources to.
rpm --rebuild NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-4191.src.rpm

this has to do the trick. the other rpms aint that good.

and if you aint interested in the source rpm's then download the tars.
tar -x NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-4191.tar.gz
make install.

Dont forget to configure the XF86Config file.

Andy Mecham 12-25-02 02:45 PM

R03L: If you're using Slackware, you will need to use the source tarballs. If your Slackware install has RPM support, you can also use the SRPMs. Please note that you will have to have a kernel source tree installed that's configured to exactly match your running kernel. Older versions of Slackware shipped an unconfigured kernel source tree, so you might need to rebuild your kernel.

Please see the README for more details.

You should use the IA32 driver (1.0-4191), *NOT* the AMD64 driver.


R03L 12-26-02 05:05 PM

Thank you,
I figure it out from this part ;)
i shure it's gonna work. if not. i post the problems here. :)

{and : A Merry Chrismass and a Happy New Year}

I don't use RPM for myselfe. don't like it realy. if something of rpm on the disk than i let it install from installation but i never use rpm for my own.
If Possible i alway's search for the tar files.

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