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treed 08-27-05 01:28 AM

Kernel oops on SMP dual AMD64 in nvidia module
Please see:


This is the initial bug report I made to redhat. Since the oops points to the closed source nvidia binary module they are unable to help. I do not seem to have the nvidia-bug-report.sh script installed on my machine with the nvidia module from livna. I am using this rpm:


Anyone know where I can find it? I currently have to run my machine on a non-smp kernel to keep it from crashing which is a real waste. :(

Thanks for any help you can provide

chunkey 08-27-05 05:01 AM

Re: Kernel oops on SMP dual AMD64 in nvidia module
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Originally Posted by NVIDIA's Developer
No, I'm afraid there are no known workarounds right now. This bug is currently with development.

treed 09-03-05 02:18 PM

Re: Kernel oops on SMP dual AMD64 in nvidia module

Originally Posted by chunkey

Still no progress on this? It is a real shame that nvidia keeps this source closed so it can't be maintained to the standards of the rest of the drivers which generally work great. :( If I can't find a good solution for this in the next week I will have to return my nvidia hardware for something else before the 30 day exchange policy from my local computer shop runs out. Right now I have to run the thing on only one cpu to avoid lockups which is a real waste of money.

The ethernet chipset on this motherboard is also nvidia and I just came back from a 5 day trip to find the ethernet port on this box completely dead. Not even a reboot would fix it. I was about to take it back to the shop for a mobo replacement when I decided I had better completely power cycle it just to be sure. It came back up and the ethernet port worked again. The reliability is going to have to improve greatly before I can actually put this thing into production.

treed 09-15-05 08:05 PM

Re: Kernel oops on SMP dual AMD64 in nvidia module
A BIOS upgrade for my MSI K8N motherboard seems to have fixed the problem. I flashed up to the latest BIOS from MSI's website and the box has worked perfectly for two days. Before it wouldn't work for two hours. So I'm happy with the motherboard now. The Nvidia graphics card, on the other hand, is a total piece of junk and it is going back to the store...more on that in my next posting.

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