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PaulC 08-28-05 04:03 AM

Geforce 2 MX

I have two of these cards and use Fedora Core 4. They are a 64mbyte card and a 32 mbyte card. I installed the new Nvidia driver with the 64 Mbyte card installed and rebooted the PC. The boot stopped about mid way. I used the rescue disk and got a terminal running but X refused to start. I then installed the 32 Mbyte card and the PC rebooted fine. The new driver was a great improvement over the previous driver. I reinstalled the 64 Mbyte card and it again froze on reboot.

Any ideas? I would prefer to use the 64 Mbyte card



MUYA 08-28-05 04:13 AM

Re: Geforce 2 MX
if you are experiencing Linux problems then please start a thread in the right section. :)

netllama 08-28-05 03:09 PM

Re: Geforce 2 MX
Where precisely is your computer hanging? From your description, this sounds like a hardware problem, or a generic Linux issue, as the nvidia driver isn't loaded until X starts which is after the boot process has completed.


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