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jebulis 09-03-05 08:53 AM

No acceleration under FreeBSD,

Some weeks ago I decided to give FreeBSD a shot. It seems to be working rather well expect Linux OpenGL programs word really slow, or not at all. Doom Legacy runs slower than 1 frame per second and Doom 3 crashes like described in this thread: http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=38409

What's wrong? I've installed the linux-base-8 and linux_xfree packages, As well FreeBSD NVIDIA drivers.

zander 09-03-05 09:06 AM

Re: No acceleration under FreeBSD,
Which FreeBSD release are you using?

jebulis 09-03-05 10:37 AM

Re: No acceleration under FreeBSD,
Umm, I guess 4.11. It's kinda old because I got it from my friend.

zander 09-03-05 11:15 AM

Re: No acceleration under FreeBSD,
I recommend that you upgrade to FreeBSD 5.3 (or a more recent -STABLE release) and install the current NVIDIA Linux graphics driver (1.0-7174 and later require FreeBSD 5.3 or better). Else review the NVIDIA FreeBSD graphics driver README, it describes common problems.

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