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caosguy 09-06-05 08:04 AM

lifetime of linux-supported cards
Our lab has several linux development systems using display cards based on the GeForce 2 MX400 chipset. Earlier this year nVidia dropped support for these cards, thus to use them I need to install the legacy drivers. It is a pain when kernel updates are available a couple times a month; besides I prefer to use the latest drivers. So I think I will be replacing these old boards.

The question is what chipsets are nearing the end of their life cycle? I'd hate to buy a few currently-supported cards just to have them become legacy products early next year. I don't really require higher performance, and I certainly don't need whistles and bells like TV. Simple is better.

Any suggestions on which chipsets might be good choices? Any idea where I can get chipset life time info from nVidia?


Thunderbird 09-06-05 09:37 AM

Re: lifetime of linux-supported cards
Support for Riva TNT/TNT2 / Geforce1 / Geforce2 (GTS/Pro/Ti/Ultra) was removed, the Geforce2MX is a different GPU which is still supported.

caosguy 09-06-05 10:42 AM

Re: lifetime of linux-supported cards
I stand corrected. I just installed the latest driver on the latest kernel on my test system - no problem. It did not work with the previous release, so I guess that was something else and I was confusing issues.

I did run into the no-longer-supported problem on at least two platforms in our lab, so we must have a mix of old cards. Thanks for the list of unsupported processors, that is a great help.

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