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Peoples-Agent 09-07-05 05:07 PM

Ti 4600 - No fan movement?
Hi there,

I have just had to put an old Ti 4600 into my machine awaiting a replacement for my bust 6800 but i've noticed the fan isn't moving at all ? ?? ? ?

Weird, because the 6800 GT fan seems to be on the move constantly.

Is this likely to pose a problem? Don't intend on playing anything particularly graphic demanding as such.

- D -

ricercar 09-08-05 03:26 AM

Re: Ti 4600 - No fan movement?
The GeForce4 Ti4x00 fan should run constantly. If it doesn't, it's busted. Detonators don't throttle fans for GeForce4 or earlier. This started with GeForce FX.

That being said, you should be fine for non-3D use. I once surfed for 5 hours before I realized my Ti4600 fan leads weren't connected. It did not appear to damage the GPU permanently. However, if you have a case fan to blow over Ti4600 heatsink, use it.

Peoples-Agent 09-08-05 07:28 AM

Re: Ti 4600 - No fan movement?
Thanks for the heads up buddy, i've got two case fans blowing directly onto the card and just ordered a new cooler.


- D -

Blakhart 09-11-05 10:33 AM

Re: Ti 4600 - No fan movement?
If you want a stock replacement hsf for the ti, Surplus Sales of Nebraska had a few thousand of them, new old stock. For like $5.

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