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Amidamaru 12-27-02 05:07 AM

SUSE 8.0 and OpenGL support?? HELP!!!!
Hi all,

I installed everything as described in the Nvidia driver Installation manual for Linux (The lil' Step by Step by Nvidia). Now I wonna play a game like Racer but always when i wonna run racer there appears a message which says: 3D Hardware support not avaiable. No 3D Grafic board or 3D not configured. This application needs 3D Hardware support.
I alreday tried 3Ddiag and everything seems fine (no warnings, no errors, nvidia_glx activated). Im using a AMD Athlon XP 1900+, 256 DDR ram, GForce 3 TI 200. X settings are 1024x768 color depth 16, H=55Khz V=68hz, SUSE 8.0 and Im running the Window Manager WindowMaker (I tried KDE too but wont work too).

It would be really nice if someone could help me.



Mandarb1 12-27-02 02:21 PM

Did you turn on 3d acceleration?

Amidamaru 12-28-02 04:13 AM

Of course did I switch on the 3D accelaration. I switched it in 3Ddiag, SAX2 and in YAST2 on.

Mandarb1 12-28-02 01:40 PM

What kernel are you using and what video drivers are you using.

Amidamaru 12-28-02 02:15 PM

Im using the Suse 8.0 Kernel (version 2.4 gb or something like that)... before i installed the packages i used the driver nv but now im using the driver nvidia.

Mandarb1 12-28-02 04:47 PM

No what driver version (ie 3123, 4170, etc)...

Amidamaru 12-28-02 06:20 PM

hmmm... sorry... im still a newbie at unix systems, so could you please tell me how i can find the kernel version in SuSE?

McBane 12-30-02 01:15 AM

Have you tried Continue?

I get that message too.

I used to have the 3123s installed and I never got that message, but after I updated via YOU to the 41s, I get the message you speak of. But If I hit continue, the app runs just fine.

btw, the stock kernel for Suse 8.0 is 2.4.18-4GB.

Amidamaru 12-30-02 06:07 AM

hmm... i quit SuSE now and Install FreeBSD. So thx for your help everyone, I just hope it works good in FreeBSD.

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