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r0gu3 08-09-02 04:25 PM

Using DRI and nvidia's drivers at the same time...(multihead)
I have been messing around with the source to dri trying to get it to load at the same time as nvidia's glx :), and a long story short, i can force both modules to load and X to start, But concidering many of the glx calls are registered more than once there is no good way to decipher between them... So basically I am trying to come up with a way for them to play nice together :)

I have been reading code (xfree86, utah-glx, dri) on how glx works (inside the Xserver i mean) and the only way i can see it actually working is if inside of the Xserver we never directly load any of the glx modules, Instead we load our own glx module which in turn loads up the other glx modules, and also sends out the neccessary glx calls based upon the screen. If anyone wants to help, or has any comments please reply :)

If you can think of a better way to do this, please reply also :)

- r0gu3

lunix 08-10-02 12:12 AM

Dude! I have looked a wee bit at this code. What do you have in mind?

Thunderbird 08-10-02 09:45 AM

Combining Mesa/DRI with nvidia stuff is not possible .

r0gu3 08-12-02 09:13 AM

Actually i believe it IS possible, the more i read about glx the more possible it seems, but it won't have a tiny footprint, there would have to be another instance of much of the Xserver, and it gets trick because the needs to be some clean shared memory between the two so that nvidia's glx module can call all the symbols from their driver and vice versa. But it REALLY is possible, then it would also be possible to implement glx remote rendering for all three glx implementations at the same time... Doing this would take a fair amount of work... But is entirely possible, but as I was saying before, it WOULD take a fair amount of work...

But it may be easier and cleaner just to have multiple xservers running simultaneously :), that way there could be multiple module paths, even multiple config files, and it would really eliminate the need to this hack.

- r0gu3

r0gu3 08-12-02 09:15 AM

Actually thunderbird, I am not trying to combine dri and nvidia's drivers, i just want to make a loader for both their glx modules and their drivers, this way all the symbols can be kept in the real xserver, and the symbols needed by their drivers can be accesible to them when they need it.

- r0gu3

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