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jAkUp 12-28-02 01:56 PM

1000 3dMarks??!!!!!!!
i just built a new system (see sig) and threw in a geforce2mx just to hold me off until i save up for a new card. i ran 3dmark and was shocked to see i only got 1000 3dmarks!!! wtf is wrong? i hope this has no reflection on the score with my new card.

everything detected ok, and everything else seems to run fine. but 1000 3dmarks?? i was expecting about 4000, since my old computer scored about 3000 with a geforce2mx 32mb.

ive tried the official winxp drivers, as well as the latest beta... no go, ive also tried the latest sis agp driver... still nothing... anything im missing?

im running directx9 final, and windows xp home with service pack 1 installed.

LORD-eX-Bu 12-28-02 02:39 PM

nice computer, make sure in display properties, under additional nvidia properties under performance and quality section that Aniso and AA are all the way off. The make sure you run 3dmark under default settings. Check your bios, I have the same mainboard as you, go to the voltage and clock frequencies section, set your cpu fsb to 133, and the mem cpu divider to "2:3". That will make sure your comp is running memory at 400Mhz. There are other things you can do, make sure spread spectrum support is off in the volt and freq adjustment section, set your primary graphics adapter to AGP in bios, set aperture to 64mb or 128, doesn't really matter which. When it posts, if you get that white msi logo screen, hit tab to see the bios post, make sure its running at 2.4 Ghz. Then download wcpuid and check to see everything is running at what its rated to be at. This is all just to make sure, you can probably solve your problem by just making sure aniso and aa is off, and make sure that 3dmark is running on default. Get powerstrip, turn off vsync, go to textures section under directx section and set memory for pci textures to 255. That should help increase performance and score.;) oh yeah, and there is something wrong with that score you are getting, I was getting over 4,000 onions with just a P3 700 Mhz and a Ti 4200.:D

EDIT: Forgot to say, try running your memory on turbo timings and CL 2.0 or 2.5, we have different memory, but if mines can run CL 2.0 at turbo timings, then yours should be able to also since yours is supposed to be high quality.:D

EDIT: Does GF2MX have AA and aniso?:confused:

jAkUp 12-28-02 04:32 PM

thanx for the reply. i tried the aa and aniso settings... they are both off. i set all the settings in the bios, and checked wincpuid... everything seems to be at spec. i turned on turbo timings...and set the cl to 2.5... i ran riva tuner and saw at default the core is clocked at 199, and the memory at 143... it seemed a little low for a geforce2... so i overclocked to 170... but still no increase...:confused:

im getting about 25fps on the car race with low quality... all 3dmark settings were set at default.. hmm.. im just hoping its a real ****ty card... i bought it for $45:D lol

darkmiasma 12-28-02 05:18 PM

is it an MX200? because those use 64-bit ram and they suck a lot compared to an MX/MX400

LORD-eX-Bu 12-28-02 05:30 PM

thats really wierd, what agp mode is the card being reported at? The fps seems kinda right, I got more tho when I tried it on my system, umm... but I can't test it anymore since I sold the card. What programs are you running in the background? start closing them, no antivirus progs, and reduce the number of processes to the bare minimum to reduce cpu usage. Even with all those things you should still be getting around 2 or 3 thousand. Maybe the GF2MX isn't cut out for P4.:D

jAkUp 12-28-02 05:42 PM

its an mx400... and its being reported at agp 4x... i dunno, i might try a format later today... and as soon as it boots, install the latest dets, and just try the 3dmark score again

lol but i guess your right... the old geforce2mx just isnt cut:D

-=DVS=- 12-28-02 08:12 PM

if your Motherboard is SIS then get Rivatuner and find SIS agp enable , when i had ALI mobo and GF4 i had to do ALI agp enable or else i would get massive performance drop :rolleyes: even thouth AGP was at 4x

LORD-eX-Bu 12-28-02 08:38 PM

where is that option? maybe I can squeeze a little more performance out of this GF4.:D

-=DVS=- 12-28-02 09:05 PM


Originally posted by [eNv]-LORD-eX-Bu
where is that option? maybe I can squeeze a little more performance out of this GF4.:D
don't remeber should be somewere under advance user system or something like that , but it woun't do anything for you , you already have max performance , this option is for people who should get like 10000 but get 5000 half the speed , on some motherbords it must be set , example my ALI XP333 i would get only 5000+ with GF4 4400Ti on AthlonXp 1900+ after ALI AGP enable i got 9500+

BTW lord do 3dmark with AA and AF :p

LORD-eX-Bu 12-28-02 09:16 PM


Originally posted by -=DVS=-
BTW lord do 3dmark with AA and AF :p
Hey -=DVS=- DIE!!!:D :p

jAkUp 12-29-02 12:06 AM

hmmm... well it is an sis mobo... thanx man ill go look for that option

jAkUp 12-29-02 12:32 AM

well after setting that setting, and overclocking to 170, i managed to get 1600 3dmarks :D i dunno if thats too good for this card or not... but hey, its better than 1000;)

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