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Kruno 12-28-02 06:45 PM

Deleted post

In this thread. What have I done wrong? :confused:

|JuiceZ| 12-28-02 06:53 PM

hmmm.....didn't catch that one, any mods care to comment?

volt 12-28-02 07:53 PM

Wasn't me...I never visited that thread

AshG 12-28-02 10:10 PM

Uh, I thought the thread was perfectly alright?

Kruno 12-28-02 10:49 PM

Maybe Saturn has a short fuse with me? :eek:

LORD-eX-Bu 12-28-02 11:33 PM

lmao, that'd be funny.:D

saturnotaku 12-29-02 07:11 PM


Originally posted by K.I.L.E.R
Maybe Saturn has a short fuse with me?

I was going to post something here, but in the best interest of everyone I'm going to keep it to myself.

So I'll leave it at this - I didn't delete your damn post.

Kruno 12-29-02 07:53 PM

I knew it. You are peeved off at me for some reason.

Well I PM'ed you an apology.
Still have not heard anything from you.
I doubt you are peeved because I have not experienced problems with my R300. :)

saturnotaku 12-29-02 08:03 PM

Just so you know, I'm not peeved at you personally. I'm under a lot of stress ATM with things going on in my family and with my move coming up in less than a month. Plus some unpleasantness at a certain other online forum hasn't helped. So if it seems like I'm taking things out on you then I'm the one who's sorry.

To use the George Costanza-ism, "It's not you, it's me." :cool:

Kruno 12-29-02 08:07 PM

Can you tell me anyway what you wanted to say through PM? I am intrested.

saturnotaku 12-29-02 09:37 PM

I really would rather not, thanks. :)

Kruno 12-30-02 02:16 AM

Might I add, this is the 2nd time you had done this to me Saturn.

I can't understand what's going in your life so I really can't understand it or try and help out.

Apologise, the first time you taken your anger/frustration/etc... I was not happy with you.

Why don't you take your frustrations on something else?
I am tired of the crap you throw at me.
I really don't want to stay at Nvnews if this continues to occur.

If this seems harsh, don't worry about it. I really can't say this in a nicer manner.

Back OT:
So if neither mod deleted my post then WTF did it go? :o

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