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MTO 09-24-05 08:11 PM

GeForce FX5700 black screen
Hello, I hope I am posting in the right place, & I did search for similar problems.

I am trying to install an FX5700, and it works correctly till after a while the screen goes completely black. Sometimes it will last a long while before going black, other times, if I open up an image full screen, it goes black. Or if I try to play a game, it goes black...

Currently I have an NVIDIA GeForce MX 440 with AGP8X installed.
I want to use my new NVIDIA GeForce FX5700 AGP8 256 DDR TV-OUT.

- I uninstall all graphic card drivers & software.
- Computer off.
- Change graphics card.
- Computer on.
- Install drivers & software with latest drivers from nvidia.com
- Reboot.
- Things seem to work correctly, till I get another black screen.

My system:
Windows 2000
Intel Pentium 2.80Ghz
512 ram


AnimasterZ 09-24-05 10:07 PM

Re: GeForce FX5700 black screen
Try and older set of drivers. say something in the low 70's series or high 60's series of drivers they are avialable from nvidia in the archived section.
Click here to get old Drivers
good luck.

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