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Sazar 09-24-05 11:51 PM

New forum section suggestion
I propose we have a new forum section called "superkyle's spamorama"


He has about 30 new threads and 600 new posts a day, I think he deserves a section all to himself. Heck he answers his own posts 80% of the time :angel: its not like he needs anyone else in his threads :D

retsam 09-25-05 12:04 AM

Re: New forum section suggestion
hahahah, ya really ..i second it!! :D

superklye 09-25-05 02:26 AM

Re: New forum section suggestion
Dude, you guys are just jealous. The ladies, they love me. You see how they all flock to me. You just wish you could hit this, too.

But seriously. C'mon. What would this place be without me?

I'll tell you: it'd be about 8700 posts less.

keith33 09-25-05 07:34 AM

Re: New forum section suggestion
If I was a woman or gay I'd definately go after superklye, seems like a nice guy lol.

How about a relationship section lol, everyone assumes guys on an NV forum are big nerds but fact is most have pretty decent social lives, plus you can get tips from fellow 1337-hax0rs and be open about it. :)

superklye 09-25-05 11:54 AM

Re: New forum section suggestion
Yeah, there should be a lifestyles forum. We could talk about how much Tuna rocks in there. :)

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