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|MaguS| 09-26-05 11:40 AM

GameTap (Online Game Provider)

Basically its an online game provider that you pay monthly for but provides hundreds if not thousands of titles on demand. The titles range from Pong all the way to Splinter Cell and Beyond Good and Evil. While small games can be downloaded instantly, large games will be downloaded in chunks and played as soon as they have the needed data.

The service will not only provide games but as much historic content covering the game that can be found. You can sit there and laugh at all those great SNES and Playstation titles.

Yes the service will LEGALLY emulate consoles, Turner got with Publishers to help them bring the games to the PC.

The system is created by Turner Broadcasting. I saw a demo of it on G4 and have been testing it for a month. It's a great Idea and I probably will sign up when it releases.

They plan to have 300 or so titles available upon opening the doors but plan to update weekly.

Mr. Hunt 09-26-05 01:25 PM

Re: GameTap (Online Game Provider)
I actually got to beta this and it can be pretty nice, but some games were broke and sometimes they took a while to get in to play (downloading the games I suppose).

Seemed like a nice service (if they got most of the bugs ironed out), when you are loading a game you watch little commercials though.

Hex 09-26-05 01:30 PM

Re: GameTap (Online Game Provider)
It is great for people who have not heard of MAME or who want to stay legal.

Ninjaman09 09-26-05 02:11 PM

Re: GameTap (Online Game Provider)
Cool idea, I'll be keeping an eye on this one. Thanks for the heads up!

j0j081 09-27-05 03:15 AM

Re: GameTap (Online Game Provider)
I saw this on g4 to! Looks a little cheesy though.

Mr. Hunt 10-17-05 03:25 PM

Re: GameTap (Online Game Provider)

Guess it is up now... haven't tried it yet as I have money to spend elsewhere and I beta tested it... would be worth the money if they fixed the bugs that were present (which I assume they have).

You can watch a video of some of the games... so far I can't find a real list of what is included... but I saw some good games that weren't in the beta I was in.

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