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Fezz 09-27-05 05:53 AM

FX 5200 DVI Problem
Hey everyone.

I have a 128Mb geForce FX 5200 with only the analog output and the DVI output, and no TV out put. I have two monitors, one on each connector and was trying to get my desktop stretched across both monitors. The problem is that when i connect both monitors the same image is displayed on both screens, instead of having one wide desktop across 2 screens.

when i go into the geforce utilities thingo, and go to display settings i can only select a dual display mode with one monitor anolog and the other a tv display. it doesn't seem to realise that i only have a dvi out put, so it thinks the dvi is the same as the analog.

can anyone help me with this? it seems like a driver issue, coz the hardware should obviously be able to support it, it just thinks i have tv output instead.

Thanks a lot.

sharangad 09-27-05 07:33 AM

Re: FX 5200 DVI Problem
I suspect the DVI monitor is being detected as the TV, as you do get TVs with DVI.

If you want the taskbar to span the displays, select Horizontal span as the display mode and it should work. This will work even with an actual TV set instead of a DVI monitor.

Fezz 09-27-05 08:05 AM

Re: FX 5200 DVI Problem

I gave that a shot but fiund out the problem. Both monitors think they're the primary. as they still both display the same thing, which is half a desktop. And when i use the identify displays button in window's desktop settings it shows they are both number 1, not number 1 and number 2.

Any ideas?

ricercar 09-28-05 02:34 AM

Re: FX 5200 DVI Problem
The Short Version
You're hosed.

The Long Version
Each NVIDIA GPU has two logical display ports regardless of the physical connectors or TMDS transmitters available. OEMs decide how to connect these logical ports to physical connectors. Most vendors have 1xVGA and 1xDVI and the TV connector "floats' to the unused GPU port when only one of the computer connectors is used.

Your OEM appears to have made your card with the TV port permanently tied to the DVI port, so you can have DVI + VGA or TV + VGA but never DVI+TV.

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