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Snake007uk 12-29-02 05:24 PM

WineX + Twinview + Warcraft 3
ok guyz i have WineX working fine and so does TwinView the only problem is when trying to play Warcraft 3 the screen doesnt drop to a smaller resolution it just squashes everything into one screeen ??

anyone got any ideas ?


Snake007uk 12-29-02 10:02 PM

ok guyz looks like i sorted my own problem :)

well this is and was solution, basically i configured the metamodes to be as follows

1600x1200, 1600x1200; 800x600, null;

so basically i set the game up toplay in 800x600 mode and viola that turned of monitor 2 so monitor showed up the game properly,

just a few things with winsx i think the problem is maybe or graphics ?? the fonts come out crappy ?

or do i have to setup virtual resolution ?

and mouse doesnt aim right in warcraft as in the dot in the middle of the cursor isnt middle is on topor something like that ?

as anyone had better luck with getting better fonts and graphics etc.. ??


Snake007uk 12-30-02 12:04 PM

ok im tryting to get yanc toinclude the opengl antialiasing and the other stuff but it wont run the winex command ? anyone have any ideas ?


cogumbreiro 01-06-03 09:17 PM

Use opengl
the solution to your problem is very simple just run:
winex war3.exe -opengl
now you should see a hand pointing instead of a cross
Hope it helped you

Snake007uk 01-06-03 10:00 PM

i worked that one out but i went back to windows as i think using linux for non linux games isnt justice for my graphics card. but i know that ut2003 and doom3 will come out in linux version and i hope game developer see this and follow this action when developing new games


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