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therapture 09-27-05 09:58 PM

Doom3 HQ w/ AA and AF
I know it is old but...I am impressed...1280x1024, High Quality mode, 4x AA and 16x AF, NV control panel to "high quality"....

Timedemo 1: 70.5fps

I play with vsync OFF and get incredibly smooth play that rarely drops under 60fps except in the heaviest stuff...

Can't wait for Quake4 !!!!!!!

OWA 09-27-05 10:57 PM

Re: Doom3 HQ w/ AA and AF
It's still one of my favorites. I still play it a lot although I use tertsi's mod to change the look somewhat to make it seem fresh. Heh, I've probably got a few thousand screenshots now although I pruned the directory over the weekend. It was taking forever to refresh the thumbnails.

Same here, I'm excited about Q4. I think someone here mentioned it might be released on the 18th of Oct. I hope that's true.

SH64 09-28-05 01:21 PM

Re: Doom3 HQ w/ AA and AF
Screw the defualt timedemo .. try the VIA VGA bench which strain your GPU & CPU pretty badly!!

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