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nostromo 09-28-05 01:21 PM

Can't uninstall nforce (audio)
Hi there, I'm having difficulties uninstalling the latest nforce audio driver.
Actually I'm having difficulties running sound in Teamspeak on my Slackware
10.1. The sound is high pitched like you would press forward button on
some stereo device while it's playing the Cd or cassette so I recompiled my
2.6.13 kernel with AC97 support in ALSA 'cause I have MSI K7N2 Delta2
with integrated sound card, but now I can't uninstall the nforce driver in
order to try snd_intel8x0 if it works with teamspeak.
When I issue 'nforce-installer --uninstall', I receive 'Received signal SIGSEGV; aborting'.
If I try to remove module nvsound machine freezes.
I also tried in Control Center to enable ALSA but it gives me the error and
sound completely goes down until I reset on OSS.
Please help me.


superklye 09-30-05 02:20 AM

Re: Can't uninstall nforce (audio)
I'm sorry that I can't offer you any help, but, man/woman, you're username ROCKS.

I love teh Aliens movies. :)

Good luck with your issue!

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