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bugmage 09-28-05 09:19 PM

Ntune is bunk!
Ok so whenever I overclock with ntune, my baseline is always 100 points higher than what it gave me!! Whats with this program, and also why would my nvidia 6600gt go from a nice 3dmark05 mark of 4200 to 2500 when i put the desktop on 32 bit!

retsam 09-29-05 06:11 AM

Re: Ntune is bunk!
what driver version are you using and have you tried a diffrent driver version? does this effect games also... if not i wouldnt worry about it anyways 3dmark isnt much fun to play with anyways.

bugmage 09-30-05 10:28 PM

Re: Ntune is bunk!
always the newest drivers, idk it works some days, others it sucks, ho hum check out the other cool thread above :afro:

TierMann 10-01-05 01:35 AM

Re: Ntune is bunk!
Always the newest beta or always the newest release from nvidia's driver section?

bugmage 10-01-05 08:43 AM

Re: Ntune is bunk!
yep strait off nvida.com/drivers/download the xp ones

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