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bugmage 09-30-05 05:43 PM

Pushing my system to the max Could I do more?/any tips?
Please no windows tips im all updated using another shell, and im loaded with reg fixes
have 16 bit on windows 32 on games

Ok heres my system and clock settings
amd 3400+ 64 socket 939 200fsb
2gb kingsen ram 8 3 3 400
1 36bg raid
1 250gig wd
6600 gt 500/1000
2000 ht thing
bios are already optimized meaning anything i dont need is off
3dmark max ive hit is 4200, and can you make a custom profile in nvidia software for BF2?
motherboard nforce 4, doesnt allow voltage changes

amd 3400+ 64 socket 939 -----------214 fsb
2gb kingsen ram 8 3 3 400 -------- no change
1 36bg raid
1 250gig wd
6600 gt 500/1000-------- 572/1.21
2000 ht thing


not to much of a overclock but it crashed afterthat/ BF2 at max settings starts artifacting/crashing

would it help to lower my ram to 166 and try for a higher clock, i know loosing ram timeing can let you go higher but what about ram speed?

also my ram reads at 5000mb/s if i loosened the timeings this would take a hit, and if so what do you really need for great performance, 5000 mb/s sounds like overkill, i wouldent mind slowing that if i can up the FSB

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