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bengel 12-30-02 10:34 AM

4191 drivers and damage to taskbar (KDE)
a friend of mine and I have seen the following problem where the latest drivers (4191) damage the taskbar on kde. friend went back to the odler drivers alnd all was well. I coln't back out as I also installed 2.4.20

anyone else ? and how to fix ?

cdrradar 12-31-02 08:44 AM

I think your problem could be related to mine.

bengel 12-31-02 11:31 AM

yes I think it is. it changes every timeI switch consoles as well. sometimes other colors, sometimes stripes etc. really weird.

cdrradar 12-31-02 05:42 PM

Yep, that describes what I'm getting too. However, switching to a TTY cleans things up for a second, then I have to do it again.

Dual independant displays is cool, but if I can't use it, I'll roll back to the 3123 drivers, thanks much!

bengel 12-31-02 07:57 PM

well why shouldn't we submit a bug ? a friend of mine exhibits the same problems you and I see.

besides rolling back doesn't work here. can't roll back unless I also roll back the kernel here.

bengel 12-31-02 08:03 PM

1 Attachment(s)
and here is how it looks like..

cdrradar 01-03-03 08:48 AM

Looks alot like my problem. Looks like I'm going to roll back to the 3123 drivers until this issue is resolved. (I've yet to find information on how to direct the visuals on a DVD player for Linux to the other screen anyway.)

bengel 01-03-03 09:59 AM

still the question remains... whene can I effectively submit a bug report ?

cdrradar 01-03-03 02:59 PM

I'm afraid I don't know - anyone? Where do bug reports go?

breuerjs 01-17-03 03:39 AM

taskbar (KDE)
Hi folks,

I think my problem with GForce4 and TFT is the same as you have. I looked at the snapshot you put on the web. My display has quite the same problems with the kde taskbar.

What is the current state in solving this problem?

Ciao Jens.

bengel 01-17-03 05:56 AM


virtually NONE. I have no idea, there is no tech support I am aware of to ask or any engineer :-(

still there are others who have the same problem....

bwkaz 01-20-03 12:43 PM

Couple of things (this is the first time I've seen this thread):

1) You can roll back your driver. Just install the 3123 from tarballs, and it should work. You say you have 2.4.20 -- I assume that was installed from source? If so, the nVidia tarballs should work just fine.

2) linux-bugs@nvidia.com would be the bug-report address, as the README says. ;)

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