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fonz_k 10-11-05 07:06 AM

FX 5700LE Screen freezing while gaming
I play a lot of Medal of Honor online, but every once in a while my screen freezes. Image stands still and the sound is still running. PC does not respond anymore. Only reset works.

I tried a lot of stuff:

Temp check
Ras to Cas lower etc etc.
Updated bios for mobo
Updated drivers for chipset mobo
updated drivers for graphics card

Nothing works. Thought it was a mohaa problem. But now i get the same with Battlefield 2!


Slyder 10-11-05 11:27 AM

Re: FX 5700LE Screen freezing while gaming
3 things I can think of which may or may not be a solution.

Update BIOS for GFX card
Try a different Forceware driver (eg early 60-XX series)
Memtest your RAM

Since your playing MoH and Battlefield 2 online, Ill assume these are fully patched upto date.

* 1 more thing I just thought of thou - see if theres a new driver for your soundcard. I know that sounds far out but you never know.

fonz_k 10-11-05 11:33 AM

Re: FX 5700LE Screen freezing while gaming
I already did a RAM-memtest=OK

Maybe indeed a new BIOS for GFX

No problems with another driver?

Soundcard is onboard, so was also updated with mobo update.


Just in case, Anyone else???

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