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Absolution 10-13-05 10:50 PM

Put on ram coolers?
I just replaced my gf4 ti 4600's fan (died). It's ram was passively cooled and I'm wondering if i should throw on the new ramsinks that came with my cooler (vf 700 al-cu) or just leave them to be cooled by the fan.

bonus for keeping them off would be that i can use them later on something else

mx125race 10-13-05 11:19 PM

Re: Put on ram coolers?
hmm well im not sure how much it would do, unless that computer (im supposing its a backup or extra home system?) has bad airflow/cooling. maybe u should just pop 'em on to be safe. but the cooler should do well, so i dunno its up 2 u.

ricercar 10-14-05 07:32 PM

Re: Put on ram coolers?
Leave them off and use them elsewhere. I experimented extensively with RAMsinks on the NV25 and NV28 (GF4 ti) and never found RAMsinks to increase performance by more than 5MHz.

emailthatguy 10-15-05 06:47 AM

Re: Put on ram coolers?
ok 3 hours and ive tried and ive tried but photoshopping a ram sitting on two igloo coolers isnt gonna happen so just pretend a photoshopped a pic and put it up here. been thinkin bout that since i first saw this post

ricercar 10-15-05 11:11 AM

Re: Put on ram coolers?
1 Attachment(s)
OOps. I made two modules and one igloo. Sloppy me.

emailthatguy 10-15-05 04:14 PM

Re: Put on ram coolers?
i was thinking of the animal not the ramdom access memory lol

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