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Venturi 10-14-05 08:24 AM

High resolution games 2560x1600
It was suggested that I post this thread here since it has a lot more gaming information.

It has been a bit of a struggle running many games and specialized apps at 2560x1600 on an LCD. Obviously first make sure that the LCD can support that as a native true resolution. One of the concerns is the question of could SLI even work well at that setting?

Two 7800 gtx's can indeed SLI 2560x1600, but many games and some apps cannot take advantage of it. For example, I can run Quake 3 at that resolution, but not Doom3. Doom 3 will not hunt above 1600x1200.

Far cry 64 is flawless at that resolution and so is Painkiller (all eye candy); the menu choices include the higher resolution choices. Half Life 2 and Counter Strike will cap at 1600x900 or 1600x1200.

Unreal 2004 64 bit (download the 9Mb patch from AMD) runs great and uses 2560x1600 quite well.

Chronicles of Riddick (64) made use of the higher resolution but required manually typing it into the config file

Many of the nvidia demos do work at 2560x1200 but you have to manually change the ARGS text file in the Bin directory to get them to take advantage of the high rez. Dawn, dusk, and Luna look smashing with the Nude adjustments. (Candy)

Other games just die such as Uru, no great loss here.

With SLI, monster cards, and awesome monitors, I would hope that the cards drivers and games can take advantage of the higher resolutions.

If you are wondering how well the SLI 7800gtx set up performs at 2560x1600, then here is an example.

Painkiller 2560x1600 , all eye candy on using 64bit 81.40

benchmark C5L1 198 FPS
benchmark C5L2 149 FPS

You can always run tha apps and games windowed on an Apple 30" Cinema and this requires no changes, its just not full screen. Then everything looks good with a lot of desktop showing.

Regardless: very impressed with the SLI 7800 gtx set up. My hat is off to Nvidia for awesome hardware.

By the way, if anyone knows how to get doom 3 to play at 2560x1200 it would be most appreciated. I am concerned that Quake 4 might not work at that resolution either and the fix might work for both since they are based on the same engine.

|MaguS| 10-14-05 08:41 AM

Re: High resolution games 2560x1200
Why did you think it was necessary to make two identical posts in different parts of the forum?

Ninjaman09 10-14-05 08:48 AM

Re: High resolution games 2560x1200
Man, you're in a totally different UNIVERSE with that hardware. I couldn't begin to help you out. But if you find any workarounds, let us know. And post some screenshots! :D

karkrash81 10-14-05 09:56 AM

Re: High resolution games 2560x1200
How's the response time on that massive screen?

Care to post a couple of UT2004 benchmarks?

Did you try editing the cfg file for Doom 3?

I think these are the things you need to change in the config file to get custom resolutions and aspect ration going...might want to double check by doing a google search first ...

seta rmode "-1"
seta aspectRatio "3"
seta rcustomheight "1600"
seta rcustomwidth "2560"

Assassin 10-14-05 06:09 PM

Re: High resolution games 2560x1200
Isn't it 2560x1600? I'm pretty sure it's 2560x1600, not 2560x1200...

EDIT: NVM, it's only your title.

OWA 10-14-05 06:30 PM

Re: High resolution games 2560x1200
Yeah, you should be able to play Doom 3 above 1600x1200 if you edit the config file:

seta r_customWidth "2048"
seta r_customHeight "1536"
seta r_mode "-1"

is what I use to run it at 2048x1536.

karkrash81 10-14-05 11:26 PM

Re: High resolution games 2560x1200
oops i forgot the dang underscores in my post...hope he didn't try it without em...haha

Venturi 10-15-05 12:58 PM

Re: High resolution games 2560x1200
You are correct, I meant to type 2560x1600 in the title,

Venturi 10-15-05 10:05 PM

Re: High resolution games 2560x1600
Well, I tried all the custom resolution options, but do not go higher than 1600

karkrash81 10-16-05 09:34 AM

Re: High resolution games 2560x1600
For Doom3? That's weird. I play doom3 at custom res of 1680x1050 with no problems. Have you tried the Widescreen Gaming Forum?


Venturi 10-16-05 10:30 AM

Re: High resolution games 2560x1600
Yes, tried every trick I know. The custom resulutions seem to work up to a point, but it will not do, for me at least, 2560x1600. It will do lesser cusom resolutions. Also, I have a correction. You can get the Source engine to do 2560x1600 if you change the toggle in the in-game manu to a 16:10 aspect ratio instead of 16:9. Weird.

lumpyhed 10-16-05 10:50 AM

Re: High resolution games 2560x1600
Go try that with FEAR :p

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