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Carick 10-14-05 07:31 PM

6600GT Restarts
Well, I just switched back to Windows from running Linux for a couple months. Keeping WoW working in Linux was driving me crazy, and I finally gave up.

I'm using a PNY AGP 6600GT that I got around Christmas last year. I've liked the card a lot so far, but ever since I switched back to Windows, I've been having problems.

My computer restarts itself quite often while playing games. In WoW it usually takes a few hours, where as in the Starwars Battlefront II beta and Serious Sam II it can take only 20 minutes or it can last an hour or two.

I'm using the 78.01 drivers. The system is fine if I'm not running games - its only 3d accelerated applications that seem to be giving me this issue.

Any suggestions?

klrtim 11-08-05 11:41 PM

Re: 6600GT Restarts
I am having the same problem with my EVA 6600GT. I have a good 450w power supply also. Tried a clean install also with no luck.

Any helpers out there. Tim

Gentle 11-09-05 02:41 PM

Re: 6600GT Restarts
For both of you, please look at your power supply sticker and read to us the amperage of the +12v rail.


rohit 11-09-05 04:58 PM

Re: 6600GT Restarts
I think, one of the capacitors on the card have got some issues..
So either try your cards on some other system (friends or any ones) and report.
Or i think its the PSU. So check the +12 rating on the PSU.

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