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eskimo 01-01-03 09:38 AM

Responses or lack of!!!!
I came here thinking that I would be able to solve my video card/linux problems. Now, after many days I still do not have an answer. Please see my post ?????????????? I really would like to learn the linux sys with a operating x system, currently I can only use the command line and my linux experience is very limited, I did say very limited. A lot of the posts are way over my head, edit this edit that, heck gotta rebuild the entire sys myself??? some of these files I cannot even find on the sys, that's not to say that they are not there. I realized that linux had a steep learning curve, not one that was straight up with no end in sight. Thanks for reading my rant. Sorry just frustrated and confused.:confused: :confused: :confused:

Matthyahuw 01-01-03 01:48 PM

well, we can't MAKE people post what you want...this is a user2user forum...

I'd suggest getting a book on Linux...
I have the QUE book "Linux System Administration", you get answers twice as fast in that book than on a forum.

anxdiety 01-09-03 04:09 AM

This may help some but not be the help you are looking for.

Try thinking of learning linux the same way you learned dos. Navigating the directories for a bit with the simple commands and when in doubt using a help file in linux to get the basics to getting around. I too am a complete newbie to linux. But if i follow the guides already stickied to the top of the forums i have no problems installing the drivers. It took me a few hours to figure out how to edit the config file for the video drivers when i mistyped an nview option in it. While i was sitting at a prompt i used the basic dos skills i have to read most of the help files and figure out how just to edit the text file. If you have problems editing a file maybe its just not limited to Linux in where the problem lies but towards the more old style of a command prompt and directory navigating. There's tons of guides online that can help with that if need be

g0at 01-09-03 06:58 AM

this is a forum where people communicate and trade knowlege, not a place where you force people to answer questions.

if you're that desperate about solving your problem, don't rely on this forum alone. the internet is a very big place...

styles-T 01-09-03 02:21 PM

I dont know linux..therefore I do not reply..:(

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