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Mr. Hunt 10-14-05 11:06 PM

Hidden: Source beta 2 released
Well I played Beta 1 and it was very fun... one of the best mods I have played... I will try to explain what it is as best I can (which will be really crappy :\)... basically one person is The Hidden... they are nearly invisible and only have a knife and 3 pipebombs... the other team are hunters hunting The Hidden... whoever kills the hidden gets to be the hidden next round (and if you keep winning as the hidden, you keep playing as him). The Hidden can leap really far and stuff also, and in the new version, you are supposed to be able to pin the marines against the wall and you are supposed to be able to cling to walls, but I haven't played it yet.


Go get it NOW... servers aren't plentiful... but the game is VERY fun.

Ninjaman09 10-17-05 08:49 AM

Re: Hidden: Source beta 2 released
That's awesome, sounds like the old AvP mod for Quake 2. I'll check this out.

Mr. Hunt 10-17-05 10:57 AM

Re: Hidden: Source beta 2 released
I got done going through the tutorials and it is pretty cool... but there are a few issues (tripping/getting stuck on ragdolls sometimes). Haven't played a full game yet though, been busy with FEAR :\.

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