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rsix 10-16-05 01:54 PM

bench mark tool
where can i find a good benchmarg prog, i aint used one for yrs, i recall madonion was a good one, anything like that about now that i can get hold of

Rytr 10-16-05 01:56 PM

Re: bench mark tool
Yes, MadOnion is now FutureMark and 3DMark2003 and 2005 can be found at http://futuremark.com/.

rsix 10-16-05 02:05 PM

Re: bench mark tool
thanks dude

SH64 10-16-05 04:14 PM

Re: bench mark tool
You may try Aquamark3 aswell .. pretty CPU dependent unlike 3DMark though.

OWA 10-16-05 04:51 PM

Re: bench mark tool
You can also try benchemall. It runs a bunch of game benchmarks and provides a tally of the results at the end. It uses games you have installed and only recognizes some games, not all so if you want to use it, be sure to check the supported list.


It's trialware though (free for 30 days).

rewt 10-18-05 04:39 AM

Re: bench mark tool
Another one, CrystalMark 2004.

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