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lmetza 10-16-05 02:33 PM

Age of Empires 3 random crashes
I have done all i can and all i want to do is play my damn game as good as all my other games run. After about 5-15 mins of playing AoE 3 its jsut minimizes and i get an error report dialogue, ive tried disabling sound, minimum graphics, UNDERclocking my video card!!, reintalled the game 5 times already, removed registry entries one time and reintalled, Installed from a downloaded ISO once too, reinstalled ALL system drivers. The damn game will still not run like it is supposed to, FEAR doesnt even crash on me like some people have reported, But AoE 3 doesnt even look that spectacular which is why im surprised its crashing @ all. Anyone able to help me please. I am confident theres nothing wrong with my windows install as HL2, FEAR, Doom 3, everything else runs 100% perfect for me (even age of empires 2 lmao)

Superfly 10-16-05 02:42 PM

Re: Age of Empires 3 random crashes
have you patched the game??

anticitizenzero 10-16-05 03:00 PM

Re: Age of Empires 3 random crashes
maybe they'll work better if you had legit copies of the games, considering that aoe 3 isnt in stores yet, and f.e.a.r isnt either, but both seam to be out on the net. :eek:

Mr. Hunt 10-16-05 03:03 PM

Re: Age of Empires 3 random crashes
Well some retailers have sold FEAR early as you can see in the "Official FEAR feedback thread" or whatever... but yeah... as far as I know AOE3 wasn't released in some stores early... but it has been leaked.

Superfly 10-16-05 03:10 PM

Re: Age of Empires 3 random crashes
lol I had no idea it was'nt out yet

lmetza 10-16-05 05:53 PM

Re: Age of Empires 3 random crashes
Got patch v1.01 and i do have a legit copy of the game, picked it up from zellers. Walsmart, zellers and EB have the game here, apparently its been out since monday or tuesday, i just picked it up on friday.
I have tested an ISO i downloaded yesterday and it works just as crappily as the retail does (no surprise there). So im stumped, i think AoE 3 is just a lost cause, ille call up M$ tomorrow and see if their so called "geniuses" can fix the problem, they should be able to after all its their OS and their game.

Well FEAR, lets just say im a little antsy to play that one though i intend to purchase it tomorrow or tuesday along with Quake 4. I always try before i buy, and always will. Ive spent too much money on crap games and dissapointment and have learned from those mistakes.

Raje 10-16-05 07:13 PM

Re: Age of Empires 3 random crashes
Odd considering the Demo ran without crashing for me. I played the Demo a ton. Only problem was the resolution at first that caused the Demo to not run at all and that was sorted pretty easily.

lmetza 10-16-05 07:36 PM

Re: Age of Empires 3 random crashes
I really get the feeling im the only person with this problem.. which really sucks. Cuz on the forums where i downloaded the ISO i decided to give a spin (thought it may have been my disc) and i posted on there too and no one has a clue about this problem. Ohwell ille try aoe3 again on XP 64-bit on tuesday when i get my new parts and see if it decides to run on that. Also will do a fresh install of XP 32-bit.

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