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LORD-eX-Bu 01-02-03 12:01 AM

New Smilies
Great job! they're great!!!:afro2:

volt 01-02-03 12:13 AM

Oh yea!

|JuiceZ| 01-02-03 12:17 AM

dang you guys beat me too it, I wasn't even done uploading all of 'em yet :p :afro:

One of my favs:

pelly 01-02-03 12:19 AM

I always end my posts with one of these.... :D

Now, I might just have to take it up a notch with: :jumping:

Cool new smilies guys.... :beer:

volt 01-02-03 12:35 AM

I love this one


You need to fix it because it shows :p

|JuiceZ| 01-02-03 12:38 AM

fix wha? :o :angel:

Kruno 01-02-03 12:51 AM

JuiceZ and I: :spank: ;) :D :condom:

volt 01-02-03 12:55 AM

works now!
:POKE: :afro2: :angel2:

LORD-eX-Bu 01-02-03 01:09 AM

dang, 50, you went all out huh |Juicez|?! sorry to ruin yer surprise brotha :afro:

Matthyahuw 01-02-03 01:49 AM


StealthHawk 01-02-03 02:42 AM


now we need to be able to customize which smiles show up as the first 15 :beer2:

Kruno 01-02-03 02:46 AM

I like this one:

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