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Osamar 10-19-05 09:33 AM

GF2 MX hardmod????
I remember there was a long time ago a hardmod for GF2 graphic cards. Could anybody please tell me any link or doc, I did not managed too find anything about it again.

Thanks in advanced.

Q 10-19-05 10:20 PM

Re: GF2 MX hardmod????
Yeah, its called upgrading.

::sarcasm off:: ;D

I do remember that...however...I know that it is going to be very, very, very hard to find. I was a Radeon guy back then, so I don't have any specifics on it. Good luck though, I'm sure someone around here remembers that stuff and can steer you in the right direction!

Joe Public 10-21-05 05:37 AM

Re: GF2 MX hardmod????
I remember people flashing GF2MX400s to Quadros. Or maybe you're thinking of a voltmod?

ricercar 10-22-05 12:37 PM

use the search, Luke!
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Q 10-28-05 08:08 PM

Re: GF2 MX hardmod????
www.mrburns.nl ??? OK...

NightFire 10-29-05 10:50 AM

Re: GF2 MX hardmod????

Originally Posted by Qlitchford
www.mrburns.nl ??? OK...

Uh...where did that come from?

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