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AchiestDragon 01-02-03 11:27 AM

k7n420 &suse8.0
after instaling the latest drivers for win xp (that crash on startup or with
out warning when it does start up ) making win xp unusable on it the last ones worked better (thay crashed about once a week )
i reinstalled suse8.0

ok so the default suse drivers suport the usb,network,and give a default vga modes of up to 1024*768

but how do i get sound ? it would be nice to have 1240*1024 as 1024*768 on a 20" monitor isnt realy what i wanted

machine is
MSI K7N420 pro m/b
athlon 2000
768Mb ram
disks ect

Dave:eek: :eek: :eek:

AchiestDragon 01-06-03 06:00 AM

interestingly the sound server in kde
just started to work

think its down to the install script
that runs some tasks after install

but it has been about a week after

the machine now running suse has not shown any of the repeted crashes that
it gets when XP is installed

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