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ajmould 01-03-03 07:48 AM

File permissions in RH8
How do I enable access (read, write, execute) to all users for a selected folder and all files and subfolders of that folder?

I know you can right-click files and change things but doing them all individually will be such a pain. Is there a console command that I can use to do this?

Also, RH8 refuses to let me give permission to other users to access the mounted windows drives that I have.

I'd be greatful for any help that you can give. :)

volt 01-03-03 10:45 AM

chmod 777 <file/folder> should do

luigi 01-03-03 12:15 PM

On console you can...
On console you can do this:

<root password here>
chmod -R a+r myFolder

This will recursively change all files and folders to allow all users to read the files. (The -R option works also with chown command.)

Hope this will help you.


ajmould 01-04-03 03:30 AM

Great stuff. That was just the command I was looking for. Thanks.

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