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snipcod 10-27-05 09:53 PM

6800GT sli?
Im not really looking at doing this soon or any thing. I was just wondering if it would be better to get a nether evga 6800GT 256 and run it in SLI or get a new 7800 or 7800GT.

Rytr 10-27-05 10:30 PM

Re: 6800GT sli?
Best bang for the buck would probably be the 7800GT right now.

NightFire 10-27-05 10:45 PM

Re: 6800GT sli?
I agree, 7800GT SLI would be a good setup.

snipcod 10-27-05 11:01 PM

Re: 6800GT sli?

Originally Posted by NightFire
I agree, 7800GT SLI would be a good setup.

Thers no way I could fork out that kind of money. It would just be 6800gt sli or one 7800

jAkUp 10-27-05 11:13 PM

Re: 6800GT sli?

They have improved on shader performance in a huge way, so for the games of tommorrow a 7800GT will be the better option.

bkswaney 10-27-05 11:47 PM

Re: 6800GT sli?

Originally Posted by jAkUp

They have improved on shader performance in a huge way, so for the games of tommorrow a 7800GT will be the better option.

I agree 100%.
I'm building a new rig now and I'm using a
SLI motherboard with one 7800GT for now anyway. ;)
One high clocked 7800GT will preform better than using 2 6800's.

snipcod 10-27-05 11:56 PM

Re: 6800GT sli?
Cool thanks guys. Now I guess im gunna have to wait and buy one and sell my 6800gt (if I can get any thing for it). But this is all gunna be a while from now

a_big_burger 10-28-05 02:20 PM

Re: 6800GT sli?
You can also buy a 6800GT PCI SLI ready from Ebay. YOu can get a new one from Ebay around $200... Oh , well, do the math:

1) Buy extra 6800 GT run SLI => Cost: $200 3DMark05: 9500
2) Buy one 7800GT and sell 6800 GT on Ebay
=> Cost: $299 (3D Fusion 7800GT cost around $299, so cheap!) -
$150 (selling your 6800 GT on ebay) = $149 3DMark05: 7100
3) Buy two 7800GT and sell your 6800GT =>
Cost: 299X2 - 150 = $448 3DMark05: 10800
4) Buy one Leadtek 7800GTX extreme and sell your 6800GT
COst: 500 (from ZipZoomFly) - 150 = $350 3DMark05: 9100 (over clock
it to very stable 532/1380)

In term of 3DMARK05 score gained per given dollar you will spend, the followings are the results:
Option 1: 47.5 points
Option2: 47.65 points
Option 3: 24 points
Option 4: 26 points

It seems if you just buy a 6800GT from Ebay and run SLI mode, you get your money worth. But if you consider to upgrade your rig in future, 1 7800GT
is your choice. But by that time, you may not be able to find any 7800GT from regular stores, you may need to go Ebay to get it. Or at that time, you just want to buy next generation card, it will cost you more money!

Decision is yours. I just give you all the data :cool:

a_big_burger 10-28-05 02:36 PM

Re: 6800GT sli?
I mean if you just want to have the fastest PC NOW, adding an extra 6800GT is the best choice based on your budget.

If you want to upgrade your PC in the future, buy a single 7800GT!

But ... in future, you may want to buy next generation GPU instead of adding extra 7800GT, correct? That is what you are thinking now, correct? get rid of 680GT and buy 7800GT .... That means buying 7800GT will cost your more money since you will get rid of it in the future. Psychological thinking process of human being ..... You always want to get the great and latest stuff ....

snipcod 10-28-05 05:41 PM

Re: 6800GT sli?
About how long does it take for a new generation card to come out? Will the 7800 be the card to get for a while? Or will the next generation card be out in a year

Rytr 10-28-05 06:22 PM

Re: 6800GT sli?
The 6800GT will hold you over for the next generation if that's what you are asking. As far as the next generation time table that will be next year, probably Fall, if then, would be my guess. You will probably see something within 6 months but not next generation stuff.

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