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bojangles 10-29-05 09:47 AM

6800 opengl2 HW accel vs. fx4000?
Now that the 6800 forceware drivers enable full opengl 2.0 support, is the 6800's built-in (previously disabled) ogl2 HW acceleration put to full use by these drivers (making it equivalent to the fx4000 for ogl acceleration), or is some ogl acceleration still locked out? I've seen much discussion on the disabled 6 series built-in acceleration, but no discussion since the ogl2 forceware updates in the last few months. Thanks for any insights.

Kojiro 10-30-05 03:38 AM

Re: 6800 opengl2 HW accel vs. fx4000?
Do you have any clue to what your talking about?

First off, their is no such thing as the FX 4000. There is a Geforce 4000 MX, but that is basicaly a Geforce 440 MX with 128Mb of vram instead of 64. Incase you did not know, the Geforce 440 MX was a low end card back in 2002. Their is no way in hell it can compete with a 6800.

The fastest Geforce 4s were the TI series with 4600 TI at the top. The gripe was about Geforce FX 5800 Ultras not performing at the same level as the highend Geforce 4 TIs in similar situations (games back then were not heavly shader oreinted). That all changed when they relased the 5900 and 5950 series. But even with that improvement, ATI's 9x Radeon were unstopable. The 6800 and 7800 series was created to take back the crown as the performance leaders, and they suceeded. The fact that ATi came out with comparible product much later than nvidia, proves it.

Subtestube 10-30-05 03:49 AM

Re: 6800 opengl2 HW accel vs. fx4000?
He means the Quadro FX 4000, which does exist, and was based on the NV40. I believe it had similar specs to a 6800 Ultra.

TierMann 10-30-05 04:07 AM

Re: 6800 opengl2 HW accel vs. fx4000?
With a 6800NU you'll probably have to unlock the extra pipes and OC a little to 370/1000 or so to get the same performance. I havn't tried with OGL2 yet, but with 1.5 I could get the same (or pretty dang close) results out of my 6800GT OC (stock 4000 runs at 375 core, 6800GTOC at 370) with the SoftQuadro mod. The other features aren't so much locked as not used by the drivers. I don't know if any revisions have been made to the chip since then, but mine and other people with older 6800's get the same results.

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