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cricket 08-10-02 06:16 PM

cdrw drive died
i have a dell demension 8200 p4/2.2ghz/256mb pc800 rdram/geforce4 ti 4600/winxp home/17 inch monitor/sblive/ with a 24x/10x/40x cd-rw drive. my cd-rw drive stoped working 2 days ago for some strange reason. i called tech support and we did a bunch of testing and the result was.."it must be dead" so anyways dell is mailing me a new cd-rw drive but i was wondering if anyone knows why a cdrw drive would just stop working? system is only about 2 months old(thank god for warranties). i was playing MOHAA for about an hour, took that cd out then tried to play duke nukem and it didnt work. no other cd's work either. tried audio cd's and nothing worked. someone said it may have overheated but how could this be possible. well if anyone knows how or why this could have happened please give me some feedback. i dont want to have it happen again. maybe it was just a lemon of a cdrw and bad luck on my behalf.

cricket 08-10-02 07:33 PM

i have to send it back once i recieve new one, and even if i did open it up...i sure wouldnt know what to look for inside it.

cricket 08-13-02 09:23 PM

got new cdrw..installed it...and all is back to normal....thank god for warranties

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