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dominate 01-04-03 10:49 AM

twinview and unreal tournament
Ok.... i finally have twinview setup. Now, i want to run ut 2k3, but when i do it sits right in the middle of the 2 monitors (part on 1, part on the other), which makes it unplayable.

It does this even if i switch to a 1 monitor meta mode before running it.

[note, it's running "full screen", which switches out of the video mode i'm running in. If i switch out of full screen it stays on the 1 monitor, but obviously isn't as nice]

A maybe somewhat related question, can i specify a virtual screen size per metamode, or can there only be 1? It's annoying that when i switch to a single monitor meta-mode i still have the 2 monitor (really wide) virtual screen size, which causes left/right scrolling.


JeffVolc 01-07-03 10:20 AM

I have the same issue. I want to run Xawtv on one screen and opengl games on the other. I've been trying to get the new "seperate X screens" feature working, but it doesn't. You may want to try that avenue.


dominate 01-07-03 04:27 PM

I have found the solution (from the ut2k3 linux mail list... thx guys) for my problem, but i don't think it will help you, jeff.

Basically for my problem you have to define a meta mode for a SINGLE display in the resolution the game wants to switch to full screen.

For example, i have ut2k3 set to run 800x600, and my normal 2 monitor desktop is 1280x1024 my metamode could be something like:

"1280x1024,1280x1024; 800x600,NULL"

which at least get's ut on 1 monitor, full screen. (btw, it also works correctly if i have a 800x600,800x600 in my metamode as well. When apps request full screen the driver or x or someone must default to switching to a single monitor mode in the matching resolution. That might also explain why jeff can't get his setup the way he wants it either with twinview.)

JeffVolc 01-07-03 05:05 PM

So in other words... your second monitor goes blank when you play UT2003?

That's better than switching XF86Config files (which I do now)... but not as good as independent.


dominate 01-07-03 05:59 PM

Yeah, that's it.... one of the monitors goes blank.

also you can use either monitor by switching the order of the metamode w/ the null....

800x600,NULL for the first display
NULL,800x600 for the 2nd.

cogumbreiro 01-08-03 06:58 PM

Why don't you use 2 screen configurations in X? This way you *won't* be able to move windows from one screen to another but can play on one screen and watch tv on another because aplications that run on one screen are independent and will exist only on that one, the one thing bad is that you need a window manager that supports it (Openbox luckly does) but gnome 2 and icewm don't which is very disappointing... The other problem is that when you boot your computer with both screens plugged in the X server will go mad and when it starts one time it'll be ok but if you close X and open it again it will switch screens and if you are like me and have different monitors prepare yourself for a wierd output :p but closing X and opening it again will do the trick :D ...
For this you'll need to setup 2 drivers, 2 monitors and 2 layouts then join them in the server section it's very easy and very well explained in the nvidia's readme

dominate 01-08-03 07:32 PM

besides all the drawbacks you mention? :)

I've also heard alot of people are having problems getting it set up....

The window manager not supporting it is big for me..... although i am concidering it, since i often use win4lin, and it could get run in the 2nd desktop...

Right now i'm just WAY to into twinview and having my 2 monitor system working.... now i want to get a 2nd LCD.... my CRT looks so crappy in comparison :)

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