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gstanford 11-03-05 07:19 AM

Modify leadtek A280 VIVO - 128mb <64mb?
I have a client who has a Geforce 4200 (leadtek A280 VIVO).

The card overheats and has corrupt graphics due to a faulty ram chip on the back of the card at the top (card has never been overclocked). I suspect the wrap around heatsink may not have been contacting the chip correctly.

Is it possible to desolder the rear ram chips and flash the card to be a 64 mb model?

ricercar 11-04-05 12:38 PM

Re: Modify leadtek A280 VIVO - 128mb <64mb?
I suggest that the surface-mount soldering skills for BGA RAMs is beyond the capability of most consumers. If you live in the SF bay area, Solectron does this kind of thing one-off, but buying a new video card would be less expensive.

gstanford 11-05-05 10:05 AM

Re: Modify leadtek A280 VIVO - 128mb <64mb?
Yes, the client has bought a new 6600GT. He was interested in the possibility of saving the GF4 (I already pointed out the cost would be more than the resale value of the card anyway).

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