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Oldbugger 11-03-05 09:29 PM

6800's drying up
Here in Australia 6800's are getting rare....AGP ones are extremely rare...still a few GTs around but no vanilla ones (understandably...mine unlocked the extra pipes and shader and will overclock to 419/890...thats ultra+ speeds for the core)...... and the PCIe ones are getting hard to come by too (even tho they can't be unlocked)....looks like making way for the 7600 maybe

Gorion 11-03-05 10:56 PM

Re: 6800's drying up
I may have an ultra for sale soon. If I can't help but pick up one of the new 512 GTX's

Pennyboy 11-04-05 05:16 AM

Re: 6800's drying up
Yeah they are and they are holding there price value also :( people know they are hard to get so they are selling them for crazy prices. I think the 7600s will be PCIe only also :(.

Auswak 11-06-05 02:37 AM

Re: 6800's drying up
There is always www.shadowentertainment.com.au

Some AGP available


Oldbugger 11-06-05 11:45 PM

Re: 6800's drying up
If you follow their links...they out of stock too...

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